tailored medicine and treatment

Our approach to personalised medicine means we can tailor specific treatments for you based on your unique conditions.

We recognise that each person’s metabolic system is different and responds differently to various treatments. To gain a better understanding of your metabolic status and personalise your treatment, we use a variety of tools such as genetic testing, metabolic profiling and other diagnostic tests. By analysing this information, we can develop individualised treatment plans that are tailored to your specific needs and characteristics. This might include lifestyle modifications (such as changes in diet and exercise), as well as pharmacological interventions (such as the use of medication or supplements).

To determine what is right for you, Blood Genius also considers other commonly neglected factors – such as weight, height, sleep and physical activity – to create a holistic understanding of your situation. Furthermore, we collaborate with you to prepare a test portfolio and support you in understanding the implication of any test profiles that may be undertaken as part of screening. These include genetic panel tests, metabolic profiles and other specific markers.

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